Well-Being and Recovery College Estonia

We believe that personal recovery is truly possible and an inclusive reality

In the Well-Being and Recovery College Estonia we learn and share experience in the mental health and life skills subject. We create opportunities for continuing education and rehabilitation. We work with people whose ability to manage their daily activities and life in the community is affected by mental health challenges. The focus is on a person’s strengths, values, and areas where people need support, not a mental disorder. Our mission is to be appreciated as a companion to the people with mental health challenges on his journey towards the desired welfare and life.

We share the ideas and good practices of personal recovery for both the people who use services, his loved ones, people who work in services and the wider community and society. We value the user’s responsibility when it comes to recovery, helping them through their experiences, through peer support and professional knowledge and expertise, involving families and other stakeholders. We believe that recovery is possible through cooperation and co-production.

We value hope, courage and perseverance, knowing that people will recover from mental health problems. We offer a wide range of courses in a friendly environment all over Estonia, designed and implemented in the cooperation of peer advisers and mental health professionals. Our courses vary in length, from half a day to a week. Their goal is to increase knowledge and skills in the field of recovery and self-management in order to restore mental health and well-being.

  • Recovery courses
  • Health and welfare days, self-help training
  • Peer counselling in the city space
  • Skills training modules like communication, friendships and relationships, finding and keeping a job, changeing place of residence, leasure and supported travelling, health impact management and finding a common part of a treatment plan and personal recovery plan, management of symptoms.

In addition, we provide individual services designed to support in relation to housing, work and  study and leisure. We help to develop a personal profile and an action plan to support wellbeing and recovery.

We value new ideas and practices so that we can continuously improve our ability to provide excellent service by promoting the reintegration of the community.

Contact us: info@heakool.ee